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Full-Cycle Web Application Management

Project Analysis – We can provide a free estimate on the projected costs based on the features and complexity involved.

Internet Brand Design – We can help you build your online image starting with custom Logo design and registration for different media channels such as GMail, Google+, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and others.

Website Design – Stylish and Unique content presentation is always the goal in building Virtual Identity. The internet business demands a certain level of professionalism in content layout in order to Build Trust with website visitors.

WordPress Publishing Platform – Most of our projects are developed on WordPress in order to give Best BANG for the Buck! WordPress is very easy to design and develop thus projects using it cut regular development cost 10 fold or more!

Secure Application Development – When you need something that is not already available then we can develop custom wordpress plug-ins that allow extra functionality based on your specific requirements. We write thorough and secure code that is able to withstand time.

Website Maintenance and Updates – Websites do need maintenance and the more one spends on keeping them fresh and feature rich the happier your website visitors will be.  It is always great idea to have “seasonality” in your website in changing layout as seasons pass or on special holidays. This strategy attracts visitors and converts more sales.

Recently Completed Projects:

Hoverboard Bulgaria – Hoverboard and electric scooters store

WordPress Hosting Services – by DotCOM Services, Ltd.

Link Buying Guide

All of you probably know that SEO is all about links and more links. It was confirmed by many SEOs and even Search Engine Spokesmen that Links are the primary ranking factor in Contextual Search Engines. Since day one SEOs and other consulting firms specialize in Link...

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SEO Terminology A-Z

Again back to the good old SEO. After few months of development, I'm back to Search Marketing. In this post I would like to point out the main basic things about SEO as well as basic SEO Terminology KEYWORD = Keywords are the set of one, two, and three words used to...

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wordpress 2.8.4 shows blank/white screen of death

As odd as it may sound, the latest version of WordPress contains a deadly bug - the while screen of death as some developers call it. Unfortunately a client of mine was a victim of this new killer bug which is currently not fixable. Why wordpress is showing blank...

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SEO tips: Keep up with the fresh content

As you all know content is the most important thing online. The more unique content one website has, the better its ranking and traffic will be. Well, that's generally true in many niches, but nowadays Google is making our lives even more complicated by asking us to...

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Protect your WordPress from Comment Spammers

Comment spam seems to be one of the most common wordpress blogger problems. There are many tools to fight it, but it seems few of them are only the real solution to the problem. In this post, I'll explain what wordpress comment spam is and how to defend yourself from...

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Reliable Web Hosting explained

Reliable web hosting? Well that's pretty much the same as saying Expensive Web Hosting. I'll explain here why. Why do you need reliable web hosting? Well, if you don't want to have frequent website failures, data loss or being treated like an idiot from your web...

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Problems with the Domain Aftermarket

As you may already know I‘m a big fan of the Domain Aftermarket and during the last few years I‘ve collected pretty good domain portfolio. Unfortunately not all domains are as good as they should be and this case is one of them. Nearly six months ago I‘ve purchased...

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Perfect Link Juice Calculator

Nowadays quality link building is the most important thing for webmasters. Everyone know that getting more links is the only way to get good Search Engine Rankings, and the better/higher link juice value a link has, the better ranking you will get from that link....

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Cheap SEO Web Hosting

The last 10 years web hosting has changed quite a lot, especially after the emerging CMS (Content Management System) technologies as the popular Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal and many others. These enabled Web Professionals to quickly build large websites and monitor...

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Is the DMOZ Open Directory Project dead?

After the 2007-2008's global war on web directories, resulting in the google pagerank ban on most web directories on the internet, the DMOZ seemed to be the only Google accepted one. Being listed in it still shows great value for SEO as DMOZ's database is imported to...

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404 pages can lower Search Engine Result Postions (SERP)

I've talked about that in the past, but it seems this is a constant issue especially if you're migrating from one content management system to another. In my case I moved away from my custom coded cms to WordPress because I found out that wordpress is offering quite a...

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The Best CMS Plugins for SEO Ranking – WordPress

The CMS choice seems to be one of the most important factors in the whole website life. If you start with good CMS which enables you to expand your capabilities and possibilities, then you will be step ahead from your competition. In this post I'll explain what your...

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