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Again back to the good old SEO. After few months of development, I’m back to Search Marketing. In this post I would like to point out the main basic things about SEO as well as basic SEO Terminology

KEYWORD = Keywords are the set of one, two, and three words used to describe particular interest on some topic. For example if you have a website dedicated to a service or a product, then the keywords can be the name of your service or products.

KEYWORD DENSITY = The number of times your target keyword is found on that page.

KEYWORD RESEARCH TOOLS are provided by most search engines in their PPC advertising sections, but a very good source can be the WordTracker.com search database as it contains many refining options helping you track down niche marketing in much better details.

LINKS = Bookmark like shortcults on other websites poiting to your website.

LINK TEXT = ANCHOR TEXT = Most links contain short text labels which are ofter few words in length and describe “relevant” information that one user should expect to see on the linked page. Link Text carries the highest SEO value for good search engine result position.

SE = Search Engine – Google.com, Yahoo.com, Live.com, Bing.com, AOL.com, and few hundreds small ones.

SEO = Search Engine Optimization – The engineering field that covers search engines and their ranking techniques and algorithms. SEO’s Goal is to manipulate and increase a websites’ rankings for particular set of keywords that is often used by Search Engine Users to define the content of your website.

SERP = Search Engine Result Position is the position your website shows when searched for a target keyword on Search Engines. This is the main thing SEO is concerned about.