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What is interesting is that the expected 2008-2010 declination in many marketing niches, the financial sector flourishes showing 200% increase in Average Cost Per Click.

Jan 2008 – $1.82, March 2008 – $2.00, July 2008 – $2.15, Aug 2008 – $2.95, Nov 2008 – $3.23
Jan 2009 – $2.99, Feb 2009 – $3.23, Jun 2009 – $3.60, Jul 2009 – $4.21, Aug 2009 – $4.81, Sep 2009 – $4.25

It seems that clearly the Financial Sector is not suffering any losses. It is only the regular people who suffer from the high APR rates.

The retail market seems to be picking up slowly with the expected fall shopping spree although a bit lower than last year with approximately 15%.

After all it seems that the online advertising market is increasing in budget with all marketing companies which directly results into better CPC for website owners.

What can you suggest?

Start building more websites. Blogs seems to be the best deal since content is easily published and ads can be well hidden. Seems WordPress is currently the industry leading solution.

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