Full-Cycle Internet Real Estate Property Management

Website project Analysis, Design, Development, Maintance, Marketing and Advertising Services

Full-Cycle Web Application Management

Project Analysis – We can provide a free estimate on the projected costs based on the features and complexity involved.

Internet Brand Design – We can help you build your online image starting with custom Logo design and registration for different media channels such as GMail, Google+, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and others.

Website Design – Stylish and Unique content presentation is always the goal in building Virtual Identity. The internet business demands a certain level of professionalism in content layout in order to Build Trust with website visitors.

WordPress Publishing Platform – Most of our projects are developed on WordPress in order to give Best BANG for the Buck! WordPress is very easy to design and develop thus projects using it cut regular development cost 10 fold or more!

Secure Application Development – When you need something that is not already available then we can develop custom wordpress plug-ins that allow extra functionality based on your specific requirements. We write thorough and secure code that is able to withstand time.

Website Maintenance and Updates – Websites do need maintenance and the more one spends on keeping them fresh and feature rich the happier your website visitors will be.  It is always great idea to have “seasonality” in your website in changing layout as seasons pass or on special holidays. This strategy attracts visitors and converts more sales.

The first Golden Rule – Content is King

There are only few Golden Rules in website development, but the first and most important rule is that Content is Kind and if you have good content, you shall rule the web. That’s very simple, and most of you might say that it can’t be really that easy, but the truth...

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How to determine the best Keyword Density

The biggest challenge I ever had was to find out a nice algorithm for determining the best possible keyword density for search engine onsite content optimization. I red numerous books, articles, and even blogs, but none of them really explained what is the best...

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Choosing your Website Domain Name

Domaining – the business of buying and reselling domain names had became flourishing industry for people that were able to acquire generic keywords for products and services the last few years. Since the dot Com boom in 1995, domains had become extremely important...

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Website Content and Good Page Layout for SEO

Since nowadays most internet visits are done via Mobile Phones and Tablets, having Responsive Website Design Layout is a must! Beautiful presentation on all screen sizes allows good user experience and brings more business! Google knows that and prefers websites that...

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How to choose good web page titles

Some of you might laugh on that post, but it is a well known fact that about 90% of the websites out there are with sloppy titles that do not convert well. If your website has a good title you can enjoy two major benefits your pages will be ranked very well on the...

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How to choose our website keywords.

Keywords are the most important factor for your website. Keywords are the "key" elements to your internet success and they have to be chosen very carefully and sometimes it‘s advisable to get professional help in order to bring the optimal search engine performance....

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The Benefits of using Google Sitemaps

Recently there was this big discussion if Google Sitemaps is a good thing or worthless extras, but let me share with you the true story. Sitemaps is one of the best inventions introduced by Google and is now even adopted with Yahoo and you won‘t be amazed when you...

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