Everyone knows that computer security is extremely important mostly because it saves up a lot of troubles. Since 2003 I’ve became great fan of the ESET Smart Security Software. It comes in a package of Real Time System and Network Anti-virus/Anti-Malware/Firewall Protection which prevents all common Internet Browser attacks. It also has built in email filtering system which cleans up automatically incoming email viruses or filters out spam messages directly into your Junk folder.

Thanks for ESET Smart Security I’ve managed to have trouble free work environment within the past 10 years. Thus I will strongly suggest is as one of the best PC Security Software available for Windows users.


Joomla 1.5 administrator unable to login after update fix

October 14, 2010
Joomla 1.5 Fixes

If you just upgraded your Joomla 1.5 and you can’t log in to the Joomla 1.5 administrator area or User Login then I may be able to help you fix it. This “bug” seems to be present in nearly all Joomla 1.5 releases. Fix is to enable Joomla Users in the Plugins database settings. You […]

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Second Site included in DMOZ

March 22, 2010

I just found out that our corporate website was listed into the DMOZ. The weird part is that I did not apply for DMOZ listing for that site and the description that is set seems auto-generated which most probably means that DMOZ is actively including new quality websites into their directory. Another weird part is […]

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Faithful request for Website inclusion into the DMOZ

February 4, 2010

Since we all know that a DMOZ listing is considered as primary directory index factor — shows with some relevant degree your website’s category in the internet space — I’ve decided that after yesterday’s “design” review on my website that I will try and request DMOZ listing. This is actually my third time trying to […]

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NEW Site Performance Metrics by Google

February 1, 2010

Pretty much what I’ve been telling everybody (see my previous post) that Google is now increasing their interest in Optimized Website Performance – Faster Website Load Time. This is now finally evident in the new Site Performance Tool in the Google Webmaster Labs where you can see your site load time in historical aspect. For […]

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SEO Web Hosting: How to improve your Crawl Rates

November 22, 2009

Most people don’t realize the importance of web hosting for SEO until they get in trouble. That’s pretty much my story. In order to save some money on hosting bills I’ve moved my whole website network to a single VPS server (with dedicated IPs for each website) when something really weard happened. My website traffic […]

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Web Security: Is your Website Secure? Mine was hacked :-(

November 18, 2009

It is really sad that some times even the techies get hacked and its even worse when they don’t know it.! I’ll give you my story In general I’m considering myself as Internet Security literate as I have some previous experience in misc software development and took a course in University dedicated to Cryptography and […]

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How to build your own MFA dollar a day site

November 10, 2009

Everyone wants to know how to make easy money, and MFA sites are pretty much the easiest money on the internet. Let me explain why: As the internet grows, the number of Online Marketing aware companies or better known to you and me as Advertisers has grown in times. Just check Google’s stock rates to […]

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Advanced Link Building: Filtering Good links from Bad links

November 9, 2009
How to detect good link from bad link?

As you all know link building is the most important thing for any web marketer. Unfortunately Search Engines like Google and Yahoo are against unnatural link building as they believe that our search engine market should be solely in the hands of our visitors. As you may know, link buidling by website visitors can not […]

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Link Buying Guide

October 5, 2009
Links are the Highest Ranking Factor

All of you probably know that SEO is all about links and more links. It was confirmed by many SEOs and even Search Engine Spokesmen that Links are the primary ranking factor in Contextual Search Engines. Since day one SEOs and other consulting firms specialize in Link Trading and Link Buying. It is well known […]

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