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As you might know, I‘m currently developing my own Blog Network of MFA (dollar-a-day) websites. For my current run, I‘m filling up my web hosting space at GoDaddy with Directories and WordPress Blogs. Yes this time I‘m using WordPress because my SEO Website CMS somehow doesn’t work with the Godaddy accounts since they have some special permissions on htaccess and its rewrite rules. I‘ll try to fix it but currently I don‘t have the time to bother with this and I‘m using WordPress instead.

What I didn‘t know when I used GoDaddy‘s default wordpress installer was that when it installs it it sets up by default “Search Engine Privacy” settings. Those settings forbid Search Engines to index your website and therefore no matter how much efforts you have it won‘t get you indexed. Actually if you knew about this option, its so easy to switch the button and actually disable it and enable search engines to visit your website and actually get indexed, but in most of the cases people don‘t know about it or others (like me for example) don‘t look for it since we all know that the default settings for search engine privacy is disabled on new wordpress installations. That‘s the reason I really got pissed off because GoDaddy decided to change those for you and if you were not careful and did not have the knowledge how to work with search engines you might wonder why your website never got in the Search Engines and you don‘t get any visitors to your new website

I remember that I stumbled on few threads in the Digital Point Forum from people complaining that their wordpress blogs at GoDaddy have PR (Page Rank) but no pages in the Search Engine Index. This exact problem is caused by the search engine privacy option in WordPress because the links that you have towards your blog are giving your PR, but since they can not index it that‘s why the search engine don‘t show any listings.

I guess I got stuck with about 15 web blogs on my GoDaddy Account and they all did not get indexed and I was checking all day to see what happened, but nothing. That‘s why I got really curious and saw that setting. I guess that solved the issue, but this post is supposed to be as a warning to other GoDaddy clients to know what to do with their default wordpress installations if they want to harness the search engine traffic.

My affected blogs were those: