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Nowadays quality link building is the most important thing for webmasters. Everyone know that getting more links is the only way to get good Search Engine Rankings, and the better/higher link juice value a link has, the better ranking you will get from that link. Unfortunately for most of us, large link building schemes don’t work any more as they are quickly found if not managed properly. You must understand that the search engines can easily see if you receive a sudden/massive link growth and if those links are with unique content or duplicate around various websites, therefore forming a large link exchange network. That is why professional webmasters and online marketers such as ourselves, need a better tool – a free php link exchange software – that enables us to exchange links only with high quality websites and in the same time work under the Google’s radar.

I’ve decided to build this tool, but before I do so I must be able to completely understand all webmaster link quality specification and build the perfect link juice calculator.

The Algorithm

Total Link Juice Value = (Total Website Value multiplied by Total Number of Pages on domain) then divided by Total Number of External Links for that website plus the Total Linking Page Value. See explanations below. Note this algorithm is just the first draft, I’ll improve it as I get more feedback.

Total Website Value

This is the primary factor if a website is high quality or not. If one website has a lot of links, is aged, linked from the DMOZ and other respectable places, then its most probably authority and therefore values the highest. The total value of the linking website can be calculated by:

  1. 40% Global Link Popularity of Site – the more links the better
  2. 10% Age of Site – the older the better
  3. 10% Google SERP for particular keywords – the best links are from competing websites, the better they rank for our keywords the higher value our link will have
  4. 20% Link Popularity of Site in Topical Community – This is the hardest thing to find out, so its intentionally left blank for now until I figure out a good way to crawl large number of websites in a particular niche.
  5. 10% Amount of Indexable Text Content – nowadays really important as the larger quantity of visible HTML text on a page the higher value it holds.
  6. 5% Website Traffic Stats — currently based on Alexa/Compete Stats – the more traffic the better value.
  7. 5% DMOZ Listings — The more listings the better. DMOZ lists only good quality websites (even thou so slowly)

Total Linking Page Value

That is the second most important part for good Link Juice value. This estimates based on this particular linking page’s value from the overall Website /Domain value.

  1. 30% Link Popularity within the Site’s Internal Link Structure – good quality page should have high number of links to it on the website.
  2. 20% Age of Document – newly created pages pass less link value.
  3. 40% Quality of the Document Content – the more words and combination the better. Should have good amount of text per external link. The more text the better – assuming that blog review post is the highest quality link.

Total Link Value

Now this is the final portion on what you get from a link. Note that this is even smaller portion of the previous two based on the number of links on that particular page from the overall linking page value.

  1. 60% Topical Relationship of Linking Page – Topical relationship is most of the time indication of authority.
  2. 5% Link Popularity of Site in Topical Community – Currently NOT available as it is extremely complicated to calculate
  3. 5% Age of Link – It seems that 3-4 months is a minimum target for Google, and the longer after that the better.
  4. 20% Text Surrounding the Link – very important in order to be assumed as good quality link.
  5. 10% Google PageRank – Yes I know its outdated but it is still important measurement.

Well, atleast that’s my first draft, I hope all of you help me improve it, but still keep in mind that we don’t have access to all the internet like Google and Yahoo in order to be able to consider all possible parameters therefore we must keep it considerably simpler and doable. I’m good PHP coder but still building Google 2.0 is a out of the question!


I’m having some difficulties collecting all the data due to different reasons and it will take some time to have a working version! I will update this post as soon as I have some results.

Please post your feedback!!! I will try to build it in the calculator.