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Full-Cycle Internet Real Estate Property Management

Website project Analysis, Design, Development, Maintance, Marketing and Advertising Services

Online Business Setup and Optimization Services

We can offer you full-cycle web property development based on your specific product or service needs. This includes product/service online brief marketing and competition analysis. Major factors for success in the online business is competitive services on competitive prices – meaning that cheapest seller almost always wins the sale. We offer the whole design and implementation if sufficient product/service information is provided.

Once the base website is completed we offer Internet Marketing with both SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) in AdWords and Google Business Express Ads. This can deliver high-quality traffic at a reasonable price. SEO is a must for every new business that intends stable long term growth as it may be a bit of an investment during the setup process as it requires a lot of efforts to get ranked well on the google SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

Website maintenance and changes can be easily requested by sending email to our support team. Changes are completed usually in less than 24 hours (during regular business days).

Recently Completed Projects:

Hoverboard Bulgaria – Hoverboard and electric scooters store

WordPress Hosting Services – by DotCOM Services, Ltd.

Very good SEO monitoring tools

You might not know but recently I was very busy with the "educational" part of my life, and I didn't devote much of my time to SEO and my Internet Business. Fortunately the Financial Crisis got me to think that its much better to have many income streams as possible...

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Free WordPress Themes – Fresh Green Theme

This is actually my first WordPress Theme that I ever did. It was a bit challenging since I wasn't really familiar with all the wp function calls, but they happened to be rather easy.Very soon, I'm going to write a wordpress theme modification guide on how wordpress...

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Affiliate Advertising vs AdSense Publishing

If you're a self-employed person like me, or even if you're thinking about becoming one, you've most probably stumbled across this popular problem. Well atleast I did. In order to help you with some experienced guidance I'll put down some simple rules which should...

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Short Domain vs Long Domain Name

Every industry/niche differs in the way domains should be named, especially if that industry is highly competitive. In such situations you don't have much options since the short words of generic Top Level Domains like .com, .net and .org are already taken. Domainers...

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War against the automated content scrapers

Well, if you have a somehow popular website, you are eventually going to bump into that problem. For those of you who are not familiar with Website Content Scrapers, I'll explain that those are Web Bots just the same as the Search Engine Bots, but with the main...

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Quick Traffic and Link Building strategies

Well, its time to discuss some real SEO topics. As you all know Links are everything for a successful website, but not just any links! I'll give you a good strategy for quick website start-up. In general the easiest types of links can be acquired by doing relevant...

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Reliable VPS Hosting for web professionals

Hi, I just received news from our web hosting company that they are making special promotion on their VPS packages by doubling the ram, storage, and bw limits! If you guys are planning to do some serious affiliate marketing or online publishing you should appreciate...

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Problems with the Domain Aftermarket

As you may already know I‘m a big fan of the Domain Aftermarket and during the last few years I‘ve collected pretty good domain portfolio. Unfortunately not all domains are as good as they should be and this case is one of them. Nearly six months ago I‘ve purchased...

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The Directory Experiment Part 2

If you followed my experiments you can see that I did one Directory Experiment few months ago when I started developing my very own web directory network. Now thugs kinda changed and I can hit you up with some updates that kinda spoiled my day. As you know I tested...

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First website included in the DMOZ Project

I feel like the King of the Web! Today I found out that I got one of our company websites included in the DMOZ! That‘s a groundbreaking event that is really amazing both to me and my partners. The thing is that we were trying to get DMOZ listing for the last 6 years...

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Internet War or Duplicate Content Experiment?

One of my colleagues just noticed that a new MFA website popped out in one of my high CPC niches and this news really got me upset. I don‘t really care that I have to share profit with someone else, but rather the fact that low quality MFA websites decrease the...

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Online Money Making Machine Experiment

I‘ve just started working on one quite large and very interesting article labeled "The Online Money Making Machine Guide". As the title describes, I‘m trying to put down one quite comprehensive article or maybe a bit more like a guide on how to build money making...

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Web Guru Project part 1 is now Complete

I‘ve just completed the first part of the ImWebGuru.com project. The first article series for basic search engine optimizations now cover the topics from jump starting websites to high-end SEO. I‘ve covered all topics on content optimization as well as search engine...

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