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I feel like the King of the Web! Today I found out that I got one of our company websites included in the DMOZ! That‘s a groundbreaking event that is really amazing both to me and my partners. The thing is that we were trying to get DMOZ listing for the last 6 years and after applying so many times we finally got one listing up.

I was about to say that the DMOZ is dead and now they proved me kidn‘a wrong. Its still breathing (from time to time) but its far from being really successful project. The fact that it took me 6 years to get one website up is really weird and I‘m not sure what this means. Now I know that most of my websites are not that high quality but still some of them are proven to be really good and deserve to be listed….

There are so many crappy listings and spam that its a big miracle that our website got included.

i‘m really excited to see what‘s going to happen now since this should increase our back links drastically and also the level of thrust that Google and the other search engines give us. This might be a really good thing and might be the event that we were waiting for to take over our competition (which doesn‘t have DMOZ listing). I hope this is going to be big advantage!

I just want to let you know that the the website got listing under the wrong name — instead of Maiahost it was listed under Miahost. Typo. And the description got cut so short. I‘m wondering if that might be the cause why my other websites did not get approved because they were with very long (relatively) description and all the websites that are listed are no longer the few words. I‘ll give it a try and submit few more websites and we‘ll se what happens. If I get any other accepted i‘ll report here!