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Well, its time to discuss some real SEO topics. As you all know Links are everything for a successful website, but not just any links! I’ll give you a good strategy for quick website start-up.

In general the easiest types of links can be acquired by doing relevant niche website Commenting (comment link with carefully chosen name is a great quality link!) and Forum Postings.

Blog Commenting

In this strategy Google is your best friend. If he wants links then he’ll tell you where to get them from. When you google “your keyword”+comments you will see a good list of websites allowing commenting on your targeted area. So easy right?

Forum Commenting

Using the same idea as the blog commenting search strategy, you can use the “your keyword”+forum to get pretty good list of forum posts where you can sign up and post your own link as a comment. In most cases those links are far less quality than the Blog Commenting since forums contain million links and they don’t pass almost any PR, but they will still give you some good boost since they are much easier to find and most of all TOPIC RELEVANT to your niche.

Forum Advertising

Forum posting is a really smart strategy. In general all large internet forums are pretty much the home of most search engine crawlers (check the who is online and you’ll see that there are at least few search engine bots crawling the new posts). Yes, this can be used for our benefit. When posting new thread of even commenting, our post contents will be picked up very quick and your links will be indexed within hours. My experiment in DP showed that it took about 15 minutes after I posted to have it crawled by google, the same page appeared indexed in the search results few hours later.

The biggest benefit you can get from high quality forums can be considered almost as valuable as WikiPedia link. In theory all posts on a large forum are ranked pretty high on the SERPS for about few months until they are archived. If you find good forum in your niche or even a bit irrelevant (Google PR 6+), you can create new Thread and advertise yourself in it including something like banner, a paragraph or two of keyword rich text and so on — NOTE: Imaging you are posting this on your own homepage and it has to look good for your future customers/visitors. The whole idea behind this is that if you’re lucky enough, this page will rank on TOP 10 for your targeted keyword and will indirectly bring you highly targeted traffic + tons of relative link juice.

I’ll post more info and link building strategies later, so please feel free to come back again and check it out. By the way, please post your comments, I’d like to hear your Quick Link and traffic building ideas!