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I‘ve just completed the first part of the ImWebGuru.com project. The first article series for basic search engine optimizations now cover the topics from jump starting websites to high-end SEO. I‘ve covered all topics on content optimization as well as search engine friendliness and successful website architecture. In my next cycle I‘ll try to cover the Web 2.0 stuff and help our webmaster community take maximum advantage of the hidden capabilities of social bookmarking websites for boosting their backlink counts and get some deep-links.

I‘m really happy that I was able to finish that on time as this website is my pilot project for a larger website community targeted page that I‘m going to build up in few months or so. ImWebGuru.com is fifth website on SEO and Web Development which happened to be quite interesting topics for me as I‘m trying to make full range of topics websites/blogs that will help me promote both the SEO website CMS and the other projects that I‘m trying to run around the web…..

I‘ve just posted this website on Digital Point and I‘m waiting for few people to give me their opinions on the content and the article coverage that put there which will give me enough feedback to make some improvements, but for now that‘s pretty much enough and I can continue working on my WebReviewerBlog.com where I got this big scandal last week and almost got my AdSense account banned, but hell shit happens.