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Hi, I just received news from our web hosting company that they are making special promotion on their VPS packages by doubling the ram, storage, and bw limits! If you guys are planning to do some serious affiliate marketing or online publishing you should appreciate the parameters of those hosting plans. I’m currently running all my sites on ESENTIAL VPS package and I’m pretty happy with it.The most important thing is the high vps-host-server configuration and reliability. Our hosting company shows stable 99.999 uptime (note that the 0.001 is due to scheduled maintenances which are pretty much a must if you want to keep your hardware trouble free!). If you get the CPanel/WHM version you will have the opportunity to do everything with your server without much apache/php/mysql knowledge. The Servint Team is very helpful and they will keep your hosting experience pretty good.

Essential VPS 768 MB 30 GB 1 TB
Signature VPS 1.5 GB 45 GB 1.5 TB
Ultimate VPS 2 G 60 GB 2 TB
SuperVPS 4 GB 75 GB 3 TB
SuperVPS 125 4 GB 125 GB 3.5 TB
SuperVPS 2x 8 GB 150 GB 6 TB

In general all the VPS servers are configured well, but my personal choice for good web hosting configuration is to have the Apache MOD SuExec enabled so that each user can have full read/write permissions on all files under the account. In general this is not recomended since the account is very vulnerable to CMS exploits. I consider myself a good programmer, and all my websites are using custom coded CMS that I’ve developed back in the past as my Senior Project in the University. That’s why I’m strongly suggesting that you should run Mod SuExec only if you write your own websites. Joomla web hosting showed us that its extremely vulnerable to exploit attacks, especially on the popular custom modules (installed separately from the Joomla core ones).

If you don’t need VPS and want to start slow you can get web hosting reseller account or even multi-domain web hosting packages, but note that it will limit your SEO enviroment because Shared Hosting (the ones I’ve just mentioned are part of this hosting class) are only on Single IP address! Note that search engines give better link value if your links come from different Class C Network. VPS server will give you the opportunity to have few (currently I have 3 class C networks with 16 IPs total for the server). I prefer to have individual IP for most of my projects.

BTW: If you know good hosting company please feel free to list it as a comment on this post! Just don’t SPAM please!!!