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You might not know but recently I was very busy with the “educational” part of my life, and I didn’t devote much of my time to SEO and my Internet Business. Fortunately the Financial Crisis got me to think that its much better to have many income streams as possible and I got back to my old self. The last few months I’ve tried to get my stuff together and update/upgrade all my websites so that they can be back in business. Now its time to do some high quality SEO services to all of them so that they can get the traffic they deserve.

Below you will find a list of External SEO tools that I like to use. Note that they are mostly for results monitoring and may not help in search optimizations. I will write separate post for internal website optimization later on because I’m currently not using any good tools as I kind’a see the densities with the Firefox built in Search Results highlighter. I promise to publish some good tools as I find them.

The first and almost most important part in SEO is to track your links. In order to do so, you can use various free tools for example the Link Popularity Checker. This tool will enable you to monitor the overall link popularity of all your domains. Note that this is useful measure not only your domains but your niche/keywords competitiors. If you have more links then day do, and they are ranking better than you, then you need to do some Internal website Optimization on keyword densities and so on

The most important thing is to start tracking the SERPS (Search Engine Result Positions) aka how each of your targeted keywords ranks your website. I’ve recently found very nice free FireFox plugin from SEOBook.com’s author called Rank Checker. You can watch the video and real the instructions to get a basic view on how this works. Its pretty neat, especially with the Scheduler option where you can run automated weekly or bi-weekly checks and compare results later.

The third tool I really use is very good. Its again one of the SEOBook’s author’s custom FireFox plugins called SEO for Firefox which modifies your Google.com Search Results and shows you some extra info about those websites such as their:

Result Number #1 | PR: 5 | Google Cache Date: ? | Domain Age: – | del.icio.us: ? | del.icio.us Page Bookmarks: ? | Diggs: 0 | Digg’s Popular Stories: ? | Stumbleupon: ? | Twitter: ? | Y! Links: 7,130 | Y! .edu Links: ? | Y! .gov Links: ? | Y! Page Links: ? | Y! .edu Page Links: ? | Technorati: ? | Alexa: 1,043,655 | Compete.com Rank: ? | Compete.com Uniques: 0 | Trends | Cached: ? | dmoz: 0 | Bloglines: ? | Page blog links: ? | dir.yahoo.com: ? | Botw: 0 | Whois | Sktool | Yahoo position: ? | Majestic SEO linkdomain: 372

You can select which ones you want to show automatically. Note that you should minimize your auto-load values since you can/might get banned from some of them for too frequent data requests.

The third tool I’m using is the same as the previous one – SEO Toolbar , but its in Firefox Toolbar mode which helps you see while you’re browsing yours or your competitors website. You can also gather some additional info on it.