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Some of you might laugh on that post, but it is a well known fact that about 90% of the websites out there are with sloppy titles that do not convert well. If your website has a good title you can enjoy two major benefits your pages will be ranked very well on the search engines as the page title is one of the most important elements in search engine rankings; and second, the title page has is the first thing people see when on the search results and good title can bring a lot more people and can convince them to click on your website even if you’re not N:1 listing.
First let’s start with what’s a bad web page title.

Can you imagine that there are 30 million pages that are set with the default “untitled page” ? And even more funny is the fact that the Georgia Supreme Court is N:1 listing for untitled page. Yep. Run a Google search and you’ll see what Im saying.

About 40% of the websites that I know carry the title “company name” yes. Not the actual page title but the company name which is quite dumb. Having title optimized for company name, your website/page is ranking quite well for the company name, but what about services? The most sole purpose of having a website is to attract customers and customers are searching for products and services. If they already know your company, then most probably they’ll simply call you over the phone and they wont be searching for you on the internet

The third very dumb thing that I’ve seen around is to have the same title on all pages. The titles vary quite a lot but having the same title is not really wise and does not help with the rankings of unique content.

Each page has to have its own title and that title and that title has to contain the targeted keywords. If you have the targeted keywords/key-phrase in the title, then most search engines will know what this website is all about.

A good way to determine if your website is optimized for particular key-term is to use one of google’s services to check it out. Yes Google AdSense. AdSense is advertising program that publishes keyword specific advertisements on your website. AdSense uses very similar to Google’s algorithms on determining what the particular page is all about and the goal of this test is to make AdSense show ads on your website that are highly relevant to your services/products. If the ads shown on AdSense are different from what you’re selling then most probably (99.99%) you didn’t do good in choosing the title and you should change it! On the other hand if AdSense publishes highly relevant advertisements that you did good and your website will be understood by Google and the other search engines and you will score well for your targeted keywords.

Note that the title tag is very important, but for good rankings your content also has to be optimized very well in order to rank on the first listings.