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Everyone wants to know how to make easy money, and MFA sites are pretty much the easiest money on the internet. Let me explain why:

As the internet grows, the number of Online Marketing aware companies or better known to you and me as Advertisers has grown in times. Just check Google’s stock rates to see that the N:1 online advertising company is growing every year, which makes it clear that the overall market is increasing. But this growth caused the already competitive online marketing became seriously limited in terms of High Quality Advertising Space. This event directly increased the overall price of online Advertisements such as Cost Per Click (CPC) or Cost Per Thousand (CPT) Impressions on highly relevant advertisements. In my own marketing experiments I’ve found out that the Average CPC is directly related to a percent of the sale price on the Item Advertised. This means easy money for smart publishers!

Basically everyone with some webmaster skills should be able to build his own MFA network pretty easily. Now MFA dollar a day site is relatively easy process and usually takes only few hours to set up and forget, but it does require some work. A 2-5 hour work should be able to make you a decent quality site that should earn atleast $1-$2 every day or so For The Rest of Your Life (* in theory, but in practice it requires some future updates aka more work but it works!)

In order to help you build a successful MFA dollar a day site, I will write 4 how-to guides from Step 1 – What Topic should I chose, Step 2 – How to set the website, Step 3 – Creative Writing, Step 4 – How to spread the word. Those 4 easy steps will ensure that you develop website that contains relative information and shows some quality. Note that my guide is concerned how to build Valuable websites that earn some advertising money and are not 100% Made For Ads that is illegal in the Googel AdSense contract agreement. The pure MFA sites contain stolen articles and content which is not acceptable to any webmaster and are listed as forbidden in the Google Webmaster Guidelines. Our MFA websites are 100% legal and contain real topical research data. If you are too lazy to make your own research and write your original thoughts then my guide will not be able to help you find automated content scrapers. You will have to do it yourself.

My research information will be based on real life data that I have collected in my Money Making Machine experiment that I did back in the year 2007. I will present statistics from almost 3 year old website that contains only 3 posts and was done in less than 4 hours tops.