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There are only few Golden Rules in website development, but the first and most important rule is that Content is Kind and if you have good content, you shall rule the web. That’s very simple, and most of you might say that it can’t be really that easy, but the truth is that Good Content is Never Easy.

Most webmasters cry on my shoulder that their websites don’t have enough traffic and they give all their best to do Search Engine Optimization, but nothing really helps. In such times I always ask them one very simple question on which most of the times i get the plain old NO. Do you think your website has good quality content. Do you think that you’re going to like what you find on your website if you were the visitor?

Content Creation is one of the most difficult things for webmasters and sometimes it requires much more skills than we have. In general most of my clients don’t find any difference from Webmaster to Copy Editor and that’s a big problem because they don’t have anything in common. In reality Webmasters are the people that keep you website and overall design up to date, but Content Writers like Copy Editors are the creative people who make up the actual content and this is not the Webmasters’ responsibility!

Anyway, in most cases we can’t afford to have good professional Copy Writers so we have to improvise and do whatever we can in order to have something. In such cases I’m always trying to advice people to try to provide as highest quality content as possible and make their websites really contribute something to the Internet world. If you have good quality content you will have good number of visitors because visitors go wherever the quality content is. The same issue is when you go to crappy website, then you don’t return, but on the other hand when you visit some nice website with nice articles there or any other useful information that you’re interested in, you bookmark it or even subscribe via RSS and you visit and revisit again and again. It is the same with all other people not just you.

I’ll be honest with you people. Yes I did a lot of crappy sites myself, but when I sow the difference my view changed drastically. I believe that you’re going to change also when you run your first successful website and you get about 300-500 regular daily visitors and a nice 20% + return rate. In such moments everything becomes easier and then the whole world changes as new opportunities arrive at your door and you can start monetizing your website and reinvesting in more and more improvements which on the other hand bring more and more visitors.

My advice to new webmasters is the following. Visit your website and ask yourself – Does that explain all I can do ? If not write what else you can do. If you did describe everything (which is probably not even possible) you should ask yourself – Is that the best I can do ?  If you are happy with the results probable next step would be to spread out your ideas into the social hubs and social networks. The more people the merrier!

On my new websites (the ones that I don’t pay for promotion), I’m observing that after posting about 10-15 good quality articles in about month or two, I’m getting steady increase of traffic from 40-50 people a day in the 3rd month, to about 100-150 in 6th month, and then the traffic almost doubles each month. Currently my highest traffic website is getting around 2000 daily visitors and that’s really nice, but it has more than 300 quality articles that attract people to link to and bookmark so I’m having really nice return rate and people are happy to revisit my websites.

A friend of mine told me this saying and I can’t stop myself from mentioning it here “Build it and they will come“. And its true saying. Content is king, and when you have good content you will rule the web