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I‘ve just started working on one quite large and very interesting article labeled “The Online Money Making Machine Guide”. As the title describes, I‘m trying to put down one quite comprehensive article or maybe a bit more like a guide on how to build money making machines a sort of MFA but a bit more user and search engine friendlier that regular MFAs

I‘ve been working on this type of websites for quite a while and I‘ve finally managed to make a good scheme to make few bucks on the site by building website blogs with AdSense in mind. This type of websites do not make a lot of money – few dollars a day, but they don‘t really require any time or work, because the setup and initial articles can be done in less than 4 hours and after that you just watch you AdSense drinking your beer.

For this article I wanted to use some actual data as reference points and I‘ve decided to build a brand new website (blog actually) and describe in details how I did it and what happened in each point in time until I start earning money and later on. I guess that‘s going to take few weeks and even maybe a month until I get the whole thing earning money but I‘m not in a hurry and this data is going to help quite a lot as evidence not like other similar articles where the data is totally artificial…..

The website that I made for example is kinda funny because I didn‘t really had any idea in mind and I simply asked our engineer William to give me a common product priced above $300 and less than $900 dollars and the first thing that came to his mind was laundry washers. Really funny because I don‘t even like doing my laundry and now I‘ll make a whole website for laundry washing machines, but I guess that‘s faith punishing me for not doing my laundry that often.

Anyway within 3 hours I‘ve managed to put up the website, add three articles, submit it to Google Sitemaps, add the feeds to FeedBurner, placed the AdSense on spot, and now I just have to put some links here and there and watch what happens. Basically the keyword “laundry washer” is not really widely used and the whole domain thing will get me on top of it. The thing that really bothers me is if I‘m going to be able to rank for laundry machines and etc without any links, but actually that‘s one of the things this experiment is going to show.

Basically Google has about 1,460,000 results for laundry washer and the search count at Overture was about 100 for January. I‘m not sure why the number is so low, but I hope its just that particular keyword combination and the season, but we‘ll know later.

I‘ll keep you posted on what‘s happening. I‘m really excited about this one and I hope I succeed in earning my goal – $1 per day in less than a month with 4 hours work.