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As you all know content is the most important thing online. The more unique content one website has, the better its ranking and traffic will be. Well, that’s generally true in many niches, but nowadays Google is making our lives even more complicated by asking us to have More, and NEW content.

feel a bit overloaded with work? If you feel overloading with work, then you won’t like what I have to say. Yes, it is all related with YOU doing something more. Well, yes you have to write more, and you have to write every day to make it to the top. This process won’t end, ever. So keep up overloading yourself until you fall out like this poor donkey.

This story start with a very important (not even recent) event — the .com boom. Well, I’m not literally referring to the .com boom, but the ever increasing web space. As you may already know, the WEB is increasing in size every year with approximately 50%, and nowadays (FALL 2009) you can find EVERYTHING online. This pretty much means that whatever content you write on your website, there will be at least few dozen other website who wrote on the same topic and atleast few of them will be nearly the same wording-content.

In order for Google and the other search engines to keep up with this increasing quantity, they came up with a pretty ingenious idea

rate content based on 1) freshness and 2) quality.

Well you may have noticed that already that when you post a new page, it goes on top of the SERPs for few days, then suddenly drops down to the unknown. You are not the only one. It seems that google gives high value to recently introduced content and ranks it based on search clicks. If you introduce new page it will stay longer if it gets more click, if not then it will quickly vanish. Eventually all new content is being replaced with other new content or already established website content from “Authority Websites”.

As you know authority websites are different matters since they are either the first websites introducing that topic/niche, or they are “manually” qualified as such (ex: wikipedia). As far as I know, new SEOs are not capable of fighting authority sites with small budgets, therefore I will not be covering it in this post. I will just say that it is very hard to outrank authority sites if you are not already authority on that subject.

Now back to freshness. If you write on regular basis, no matter how many authority sites there are on your topic, you will still get some decent traffic. Well, its a lot of work, but that’s something unavoidable.