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During the years I‘ve collected really nice amount of webmaster related books on various topics starting from Website Programming on PHP, Website Design – CSS & W3 standards, Website Usability and also fairly large collection of Internet Marketing books covering various topics from Copy-Editing, Landing Pages, Pay-Per-Click programs and such.

Most of the people I know are really interested in those topics, and often ask me to suggest them which books are very well written and I found to be extremely helpful. Therefore I‘m currently trying to build up a list of all the books that I found interesting and here it is.

NOTE that some of them are fairly expensive, but I‘ve always believed that investing a good amount of money on books is always money well spent and the return is great. That‘s why you might find that some of them are quite expensive, but their level of expertise is quite good and most of them are used as text books in universities both for Batchelor and Masters Degrees, and this leads me to the theory that those people really know what we‘re talking about, not like the cheap ones.