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One of my colleagues just noticed that a new MFA website popped out in one of my high CPC niches and this news really got me upset. I don‘t really care that I have to share profit with someone else, but rather the fact that low quality MFA websites decrease the overall CPC values for the whole niche and some advertisers even run away from content network advertising. Therefore I‘m going to declare war to this site and in the same time I‘ll do some fairly interesting SEO experiments on SEO assault techniques like duplicate content punishment.

I‘m going to get one of my unused aged domain and make almost exact copy of that website. I‘ll target the same keywords as they did and therefore bu all duplicate content rules one of the websites will be punished and trashed into the supplemental results index. The experiment part will show if aged, high pr domains have better priority over duplicate content over relatively new websites with limited number of links and pr. If my experiment show to be a success then my website will rank on top of the other website and therefore prevent the small website from getting good amount of hits….

I know this is quite unethical approach but it will be a good experiment and it will show some really interesting data that we can publish on our SEONewsBlog.com.

Also I‘ll do some modification to that website and make it a bit more SEO optimized, but I won‘t change the essential structure or text in order no to change the overall values. If I rank below that page — which is the perfect case where origin of the content is being historically tracked down by Google — then I‘ll add some fresh content to see if I can abuse the QRS algo and take my place on top. If I‘m correct, only with good SEO Structure I should be able to rank above the targeted website even without any other changes, but that will show in the actual results in about a week or so.

I‘ll keep you posted