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Many website owners, webmasters and developers don’t really invest the proper time and resources to increase their website quality and most of them are asking SEM people like me to help them find a reasonable solution.

Today (actually yesterday) I’ve made my mind to invest a little effort and make a website dedicated to webmasters with the high hopes that they will actually read it and improve the quality of your website. After so many years of website development experience I had learned that some simple strategies and optimization tips are proven to be extremely useful and bring very nice outcome if followed…

I want to note here that most of this things I’ve learned the hard way as they are no really useful “books and manuals” that can teach you the tricks of the trade. Most of the website development problems that I’ll be covering on that website will be from my own problems and the solutions that I’ve implemented. Again during my early days I did’t know much and I do made a lot of mistakes in the design and usability patterns and especially the so important “search engine friendliness” that is a total must for online success, especially if you don’t have a ton of money to invest in the beginning.

Today I wrote few short articles that are pretty much the basics of Website Design that its mostly concerned for new website and is directed to the attention of website designers. For example my anti-flash statement is totally accepted in the webmasters community but still there are so many new websites that do have flash menus and no alternative navigation means. The biggest problem with that is that people don’t have experience and in most cases they are paid to “MAKE” the website not run it or support its success.

For more information you can visit the website www.imwebguru.com