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Most of the people around me know that I have the mania of buying new domains and planning to make websites and building my own Internet empire, but in reality I‘m kinda stuck with those projects and that‘s mainly due to the fact that I took too many challenges at the same time. In 2003 I‘ve decided to build my own Wrestling Empire and I started gathering very nice domain names for both wrestling news and wrestling merchandise stores. After almost four years of paying the domain names and hosting I didn‘t do merely anything except one good web-store that isn‘t really finished and that‘s so sad. My mother always tolled me that I‘m over-passionate and when I get hooked up one something I‘m like addict, but the moment I find something else I totally leave everything. I‘m very sad to say that she is quite right and that‘s so true.

Currently I own some very very nice domains on wrestling products and also some brands-stores that are quite marketable if not for products then for advertising and its so dumb of me not to do anything with them.

Recently I realized that one of the market niches for a client that screwed me up not paying his bill is really nice and brings a lot of money from highly paid advertising and that was also one of my dumb situations because I owned those domains for so long and didn‘t do anything with them and they were just sitting in cyberspace. In reality I was paying the bills and loosing money instead of making money and that is so silly……

Now I‘m definitely reconsidering my ambitions and my money-making strategy because currently its not money-making but money-loosing strategy. I have to get myself organized and start making those websites as fast as I can. I have to stop buying more domains because this is only a waist of money (yes in long term this is a good investment, but its not smart to handle a lot of things in the same time because you do sloppy job on all of them instead of making one but good quality). I already made my mind and I‘m seriously considering the fact that I own a gold mine and if I don‘t start digging I‘m not going to earn any money and the bills are coming every month no matter what I do

There are so much money in Internet advertising and affiliate programs that you can barely imagine, but the trick is that those money are only for websites that have good traffic and good traffic requires a lot of good quality content which again requires a lot of work. There is no website that can bring money without hard work and that‘s a fact.

I own about 120 domain names from which only two are actually bringing me any money and this is so sad. One of those websites I did two years ago when I got again passionate on it and did it quite nicely, and again didn‘t finish with all the planned functionality. I bet that if I did finish it that would bring me 10 times more money that it does right now and I know it, but I don‘t do anything to make it happen. Whey‘s that?

Disorganization, that‘s my problem. I have to really sit down on my ass and start working hard one one-by-one basis not all-at-a-time as I‘m waisting my time. Since I started writing good content and actually making some quality for my website, traffic started flowing, slowly but surely and i can see that when you provide good content it really pays off.

I want to give you some advices. If you have a website that does not have any traffic but you think it might be deserving more that you get, that‘s only because it does not deserve the traffic you want. Yes its that simple. If you maintain a site, add content each week then there is absolutely not scenario where you‘re not going to receive good amount of traffic. That‘s a well known fact.

I want to finish this blog by underlining one truth that I say to all new SEOs and Webmasters out there — Content is King and if you got good content, you shall rule the web!